How to Teach Paragraph Writing: Opinion Writing Prompts + Resources

How to Teach Paragraph Writing: Opinion Writing Prompts + Resources

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Teaching Your Students How to Write a Paragraph? You're in the Right Place.

  • 100+printable pages of writing resource
  • Link to digital version included: Students can complete and return work in Google Docs
  • Editable digital version: Completely editable in Google Docs


This writing resource is also included in my year-long 300 page Writer's Notebook bundle. Find it here: Year Long Writer's Notebook

Paragraph Writing Instruction: 30 Opinion Writing Prompts + Teacher Resources Including Paragraph Exemplars and Scaffolding Resources
Resource CONTENTS:
✔ 100+ pages of printable writing resources to support emerging writers
✔ 30 engaging paragraph prompts: opinion paragraphs
✔ Link to editable Google Docs (teacher doc and student doc)
✔ Each prompt includes a page for brainstorming, a reminder checklist, a page for the rough draft, and a page for a final draft
✔ Four color-coded exemplar paragraphs
✔ Four non-color-coded exemplar paragraphs
✔ Page describing the difference between personal narrative, opinion, and
expository writing
✔ Oral peer review guide
✔ Written peer review rubric
✔ Self-editing checklist
✔ Transition words and phrases page
✔ Paragraph of the week teacher rubric
✔ "About Your Paragraph" page that describes the parts of a paragraph including introduction, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion, and explains the importance of transitions and the use of figurative language + sample paragraph
✔ Two color-coded paragraph structure guides
✔ Two non-color-coded paragraph structure guides
✔ Link to free resources and handouts to introduce & teach figurative language: Includes definitions and examples of simile, metaphor, and personification + Two worksheets: One ten question handout wherein students practice identifying similes, metaphors, and personification and one ten question handout wherein students practice using similes, metaphors, & personification

Writing resources ideal for:
  • paragraph of the week
  • literacy circle
  • homework
  • writing intervention
  • writing instruction
  • early-finisher work