WRITING Bundle for the YEAR | Narrative| Opinion| Persuasive Writing Activities GRADES 4-7

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Writer's Workshop Resources: 


✔ 302 pages of material 
✔ 90 Engaging Paragraph Prompts: 30 Narrative, 30 Opinion, 30 
✔ Each prompt includes a page for brainstorming, a reminder checklist, a page for 
the rough draft, and a page for a final draft 
✔ SIX highlighted Exemplar Paragraphs 
✔ Two Writer's Notebook color covers (one boy & one girl) + Two black and white covers (one boy one girl) that your students can color and personalize themselves 
✔ Page describing the difference between personal narrative, opinion, and 
expository writing
✔ Oral Peer Review Guide 
✔ Written Peer Review Rubric
✔ Self-Editing Checklist
✔ Transition Words and Phrases page 
✔ Paragraph of the Week Teacher Rubric 
✔"What the Heck is a Clause?" handout that explains dependent vs. independent 
clauses + practice worksheet and teacher key
✔ "About Your Paragraph" page that describes the parts of a paragraph including 
introduction, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion, and explains the importance 
of transitions and the use of figurative language + sample paragraph 
✔ Two highlighted Paragraph Structure Guides
✔ Figurative Language Mini Lesson: Includes definitions and examples of simile, 
metaphor, and personification + Two worksheets: One ten question handout 
wherein students practice identifying similes, metaphors, and personification and 
one ten question handout wherein students practice using similes, metaphors, and 

No color printer? No worries! The graphics included with each prompt look great in black and white, and the highlighted paragraph exemplars and guides can be easily edited with Word. It's a great exercise to have students highlight the parts of the exemplar paragraphs to identify the introduction, supporting details, transitions, and conclusion. Just have them get out their highlighters and make a mini-lesson out of doing it themselves. 

I’ve only included single copies of the following first pages including: “What’s the Difference Between Narrative, Opinion, and Expository Writing?” page, the oral and written peer guides, the self-editing check-list, the Transition Words and Phrases page, the rubrics, the “About Your paragraph” page, the structure guides, and the exemplars in order to keep this file small enough to share. You can simply print these as needed for your students. Likewise, the activities, such as the figurative language and the clause handouts are also provided in single copies, allowing you to print as needed. 
The remaining pages are designed to be print/bundle ready for your students, each prompt including a second page for drafting and a third page for a final draft. These can be placed all together in a “Writer’s Notebook” and given to students all at once or handed out individually as assigned. 
I prefer using these resources as a Writer’s Notebook. I place all materials in a 3-ring binder and have students separate the sections with tabs. Then, when it’s time to write, I allow students to choose a prompt within an assigned section (narrative, opinion, or expository). They absolutely love having the power to choose their prompt for the week, which makes the rest of the writing process so much easier. 
There are 30 prompts within each section 1) narrative 2) opinion and 3) expository, and we usually approach the topics in that order as the narrative prompts tend to be the easiest to write about, followed by opinion and expository, which are a bit more challenging. The prompts all vary in difficulty, some requiring more critical thinking skills than others. The kids will naturally be drawn to those that align with their interests and skill levels, allowing for differentiation. Of course, you can also assign specific prompts as they correspond to your students’ writing levels. Since there are more than enough prompts (90) for the entire year, it’s not necessary for students to respond to every one. 

Please note: The materials in this bundle are the same as those included in my Paragraph of the Week Bundle, just with a Writer's Notebook cover to better suit your needs: Find it with a different cover here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Paragraph-of-the-Week-Bundle-for-the-Year-90-Editable-Writing-Prompts-3244279

Bundle can be used as a Writer's Notebook, weekly writing assignments, writing intervention, homework , or in literacy centers

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