How to Be a Fairy by Anam Cara Cat | A Magical Coloring Book for Believers of Every Age

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❤ How to Be a Fairy is a Coloring Book for Fairy Lovers of Every Age! ❤

❥ With whimsical images and inspirational musings, this bundle of goodness is your portal to the fairy world...

❥ How to Be a Fairy shares a universal message of magic and encourages mindfulness, compassion, and connection to nature.  

72 Pages (front & back) With 31 Inspirational Quotes Amidst Magical Illustrations: 

✿"How to be a Fairy"✿
Believe you are one
Invite magic into your life
Create your own enchanting wings
Always use your powers for good
Design your own reality full of happiness, peace, and love
Celebrate every day with laughter, songs, and play
Paint sunrises on rocks and leave them on empty doorsteps
Picnic with a grasshopper and unravel the mysteries of the universe
Plant your favorite cookie crumbs for the ants
Grow a wish garden and bring your dreams to life one by one
Blow kisses to gray clouds and paint your toenails with raindrops
Build elegant butterfly houses and rent them out for free
Dance daily
Find something beautiful in everyone you meet & remind them of it
Hug trees until you can feel a heart beating with yours
Share your secrets with our feathered and furry friends
Follow rainbows with kindred spirits & discover the treasures along the way
Fill empty spaces with flowers
Whisper your worries to dragonflies & let them be carried far, far away
Write poems about friendship, faith, and forgiveness & leave them on park benches
Nap in the grass & let lady bugs dance in your hair
Stretch time & space & travel to new lands
Soak your soul in sunsets ~ Twilight is a fairy's finest hour
Listen to the quiet
Explore the wonder of you
Attend cricket symphonies by moonlight
Make wishes for other people on shooting stars
Let your wings carry you where no one else has been
Light the way for others to follow
Spread the message: Everything is possible!
Remember that when you believe in yourself, you inspire others to do the same

❥ Measures 8.5 x 8.5 

♥ How to Be a Fairy coloring book is the perfect gift for the fairy lovers on your holiday list! ♥

❥ Sorry, spiral bound copies are not longer available. Paperbacks are still available on Amazon.