Free SAT Practice Test English Reading Comprehension Grades 9-12

Free SAT Practice Test English Reading Comprehension Grades 9-12

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Are you looking to boost your high school students' SAT scores and college readiness? This resource is ideal for 9th-12th grade students preparing for the PSAT or SAT.


This SAT reading comprehension resource has been designed to prepare students for the critical reading portion of the test.


The text and reading comprehension questions are designed to mimic the style and complexity found on the actual SAT.


If your students are not preparing for the SAT, this resource can simply serve as a challenging reading comprehension exercise.


Included with this complimentary resource:

  • one page text based on the evolution of the automobile
  • eight multiple choice reading comprehension questions
  • answer key
  • lesson plan


The comprehension questions included are similar to the following SAT (and PSAT) style questions:


  • Main Idea


These types of questions ask about the main ideas of a passage. A student must understand the text in its entirety to answer these questions accurately, as they are designed to evaluate overall comprehension. 


  • Evidence Support


These types of questions assess a student's aptitude for reasoning. One must evaluate the author's claims and support the claims with evidence.


  • Words in Context


These types of questions will ask students to define a word or phrase by analyzing it in context. This type of question tests comprehension of the word's purpose and meaning in relation to mood, tone, style, or the text as a whole.


  • Supporting Details 


These types of questions focus on details and will refer to specific lines or paragraphs. For example, a student may be asked to identify the significance of a detail to the text as a whole.


  • Inference


These types of questions rely on a student's ability to pinpoint suggestions made in the text. This may include filling in missing information, defining a word or phrase based on its context, or evaluating the author's perspective. The answers to these questions are not found directly in the text, so a student will have to think independently and make inferences based on what he/she has read.


  • Function


These types of questions ask students to think about how a word or phrase is used in the text. They will have to pinpoint the impact a specific word or phrase has on the passage as a whole. These questions are not about defining the words or phrases in question but about understanding their function.



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