The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Companion Unit

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Companion Unit

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14 WEEK UNIT PLAN + 70 DAILY LESSON PLANS: Includes Related Common Core Standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening in Grades 9-12 on EACH Daily Lesson Plan. 

If you're a ChangeMaker and a teacher who cares about your students' hearts, souls, and futures as much as you do their grades, this curriculum is for you. 

If you're tired of spending your weekends and weeknights writing lesson plans, you'll be in heaven for the next three months. I've included detailed daily lesson plans aligned with Common Core Standards for grades 9-12. 

Regardless of the demographic you're teaching, your students will love this unit, too!



After working with at-risk youth for 14 years, I recognized sadness, lack of vision, and lack of purpose as an absolute epidemic. I wanted to inspire, empower, and educate my kids, and these resources were created to give them the tools they needed to create new realities and brighter opportunities. Most kids don't realize--because most adults don't realize--that despite their pasts or present circumstances, they can literally rewire their brains and reshape their paradigms for happiness and success, whatever that looks like to them.

This bundle will save you more than 150 hours of planning and provide you with at least 14 weeks of material for a 70-90 minute class period. SEE PREVIEW FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS. SEE PAGE 20 FOR SAMPLE LESSON PLAN.

This unit has been a labor of love in the making for several years as I have edited, revised, and designed it to be a resource I am proud to share with you. I've done all the reading, writing, and research for you and have watched countless videos to find the gems that perfectly align with each chapter of Sean Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.

In addition to serving as a non-fiction anchor text for Language Arts, this unit can also be used with any Life Skills curriculum for Career & Tech Ed classes focused on teaching social-emotional skills in society and the workplace.

I continuously refine this bundle, and you will have free access to future files.

Please see the unit plan and table of contents provided in preview.



* 14 WEEK UNIT PLAN (see preview)

* ALL 70 DAILY LESSON PLANS with Common Core Standards grades 9-12 related
to each day's activities (See page 20 in preview for sample lesson plan.)

* VIDEO LIST (Ted Talks, etc): 33 suggested short videos (including links and summaries) to complement each chapter in Covey’s book. I typically front-load each chapter with a video and then show them intermittently as they are reading through each section. The videos help with comprehension by reinforcing the concepts within the book, and they help to keep students interested and engaged with the text.

* Pre and post assessment on core concepts addressed in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

* 7 Habits anticipation guide/activity

* 60 DOL paragraphs ("daily oral language": grammar and punctuation exercises) that align with Covey's 7 Habits (includes highlighted teacher key)

* Handout: "What the Heck is a Clause?" includes definitions & color-coded examples of ICs and DCs

* Reflective essay prompt

* 9 paragraph exemplar reflective essay

* Reflective essay rubric

* Two essay skeleton guides to support emerging writers who may struggle with structure and coherence. The first guide provides minimal support, while the second is ideal for those in need of more explicit writing examples

* Mini Lesson: Comprehension questions for Jack Canfield's 60 minute You Tube Video entitled The Secret to Success (to complement Covey's 2nd habit: "Begin with the end in mind")

* Mini Lesson: Suggested Ted Talk aligned with Covey's teachings on paradigm and
5 page Article: "The Science of Happiness," which discusses the physiology behind emotions & how to manage/regulate one's own level of happiness

* Editable student checklist to reinforce the "habit of happiness"

* Mini Lesson: "Goal Setting Redefined" : Activity to complete after watching Ted Talk

* Mini Lesson: Summary assignment for Bart Baggett's Ted Talk: The
Neuropathways to Happiness. Includes sample summary and summary rubric

* UNIT: Argumentative essay unit supplementary material including:
~ Daily lesson plans (included in the 70 total you'll receive in this bundle)
~ Suggested film prompt: Documentary style film: The Secret (available on NetFlix)
~ Film summary
~ Film comprehension questions
~ Argumentative essay structure guide
~ Exemplar argumentative essay
~ Argumentative essay rubric

* Presentation assignment and rubric

* Unit Outline Identifying Unit Cornerstones Including:
essential questions
enduring understandings
performance tasks
long term transfer goals
21st Century skills
standards addressed
breakdown of text alignment with common core skills

1. * TWENTY paragraph prompts (two for each topic) related to:
Positive Thinking
Goal-Oriented Mindset

*Each prompt includes a short color-coded structure guide for reference and suggestions to help struggling writers with content and organization (can be edited out for experienced writers).

*Highlighted advanced vocabulary (can be edited out for experienced readers/writers)

2. An Editor’s Checklist

3. 4-Point Paragraph Rubric

4. One Exemplar Paragraph

5. Related Common Core Standards for Grades 7,8, 9/10, 11/12

I've used Sean Covey's The 7 Habits in my classroom for years, and my high school students - from every demographic and grade - absolutely love it.
Covey's wisdom can have a profound impact on students if they take the time to genuinely reflect on his teachings. This companion curriculum is designed to foster thoughtful introspection, critical thinking, and authentic social-emotional growth.

♥ SECOND BONUS BUNDLE: Resources for The Five People You Meet in Heaven

I’ve recently included the following unit materials for The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom as I’ve found this novel to be a great segue from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. I try to teach one non-fiction and one fiction text every quarter (or semester), and these pair beautifully together.

The protagonist of The Five People is a man named Eddie who spent much of his life believing he had no purpose and focusing on what was bad and what he lost. Covey would refer to this as a “victimitus” mindset. As we read the novel, I challenge students to recognize which of the seven habits could have helped Eddie live a happier, more purposeful existence. This reinforces the principles from the 7 Habits while allowing students to see the possibilities of the real-life applications of Covey’s strategies. And, of course, they recognize that these proactive strategies can be applied in their own lives as well.

Few novels are as engaging--especially to reluctant readers--as The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.

Students find the major themes in this novel relevant in their own lives, and in my 12 years of teaching, I have yet to have a student who hasn't enjoyed and learned from this text.

♥ In this second bundle you will receive ♥ :
Anticipation guide (5 group discussion prompts)
Comprehension Questions (20 questions)
Three essay prompts with three essay structure guides with sentences stems and
sample introductions and conclusions
Three creative project choices
Five "section summary" writing prompts
Essay rubric
Summary rubric
Literary term guide (blank: students must complete after reading novel)
Reading comprehension strategies handout

* Free future access to additional materials as they are added to this bundle

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This 7 Habits bundle is shared as a Word document so you can alter font or content as you wish.

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