Teaching Happiness: 7 Healthy Habits for Happy Teens  |   NO BOOK NEEDED | 14 WEEK UNIT PLAN + ALL DAILY LESSON PLANS ALIGNED WITH CCS GRADES 9-12

Teaching Happiness: 7 Healthy Habits for Happy Teens | NO BOOK NEEDED | 14 WEEK UNIT PLAN + ALL DAILY LESSON PLANS ALIGNED WITH CCS GRADES 9-12

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14 Week Secondary Unit + Daily Lesson Plans
Guided Web Quest 

Aligned With ELA Common Core Standards Grades 9-12

Engaging Project Based Unit

Ideal for Secondary ELA, Life Skills,

Social-Emotional Learning, Independent Study, & At-Risk Youth

Student-Centered Guided Research Project on the 
Art & Science of Happiness
Includes 14 Weeks of Detailed Daily Lesson Plans Aligned With ELA Common Core Standards for Grades 9-12

*Internet Access is Required for Guided Researc

More than a decade of teaching has allowed me to recognize the greatest epidemic plaguing today's youth. No, it's not drugs. It's not risky sex. It's not violence... It's sadness. So many of our kids are depressed, hopeless, and lack all sense of purpose. They don't realize (because many adults don't realize) that happiness is a life skill that can be learned, not an inherent trait that is fortuitously embodied by the lucky few. Neuroscientists and psychologists know that the brain can be rewired to operate from an optimistic, healthy, and proactive paradigm. Our kids should know this too. As parents and teachers, we must prioritize teaching Happiness above all else because it's the foundation, and ultimately the springboard, for any definition of success. 

This unit has been inspired by more than 20 years of research in the field of Positive Psychology, and I am proud to share it with educators and students around the world.


The unit is divided into seven sections that address healthy habits associated with joy and well-being. They are as followed:

1) Reexamine Your Role: Texts within this section explore the meaning and formation of identity and the possibility of recreating roles that better serve one’s self.

2) Master Your Mind ~ Manage Your Emotions: Texts within this section analyze the interdependent relationship between psychological wellness and healthy behaviors; emphasis is placed on the idea that changing outer reality requires a shift in inner reality.

3) Create Your Purpose: Texts within this section address the importance and process of recognizing strengths and interests and aligning them with a sense of purpose.

4) Plan & Pave Your Path: Texts within this section speak to the importance of creating short and long-term goals while developing discipline and taking action.

5) Contribute Your Gifts: Texts within this section emphasize the importance and benefits of service and altruism.

6) Love Yourself: Texts within this section provide strategies to develop self-awareness, self-love, and healthy relationships.

7) Commit to Happiness: Texts within this section reinforce the understanding that happiness is a conscious choice and a habituated way of being. Choosing and committing to daily habits that foster happiness is the foundation for long term well-being and success.

In addition to the master Word document, you will be provided with a link to a student Google Doc, which allows them to easily access the curriculum and links to online videos and articles.

The Following Resources are Included Within this 333 Page Unit:

Unit Introduction 1-9

14 Week Unit Calendar 10-16

100 + Teacher Text Summaries for the Seven Habits (No need to read/watch texts yourself!) 17-64
About the Author 65-70

Anticipation Activity 71

Exit Ticket #1 72

Pre/Post Assessment 73-75

Weekly Chat Group Overview and Student Handouts 78-82

Daily Oral Language Introduction (DOL) 83

What the Heck is a Clause Handout 84

DOL Teacher Key (60 DOL Paragraphs) 85-102

Student DOL (60 DOL Paragraphs) 103-121

Student Introduction to Unit 122-124

Student Unit Checklist 125

Sample Summary & Reflection Paragraph 126

Summary Rubric 127

Mind Map Activity Guide 128

Mind Map Rubric 129

Reflective Essay Rubric 130

Teaching Happiness Project Rubric 131

Teaching Happiness Presentation Rubric 132

Exit Ticket #2 133

Final Project Guidelines 134

Essay Structure Guides 135-137

Final Student Reflection Handout 138

Happiness Habits Check List Handout 139

Student Links to Texts Within Each of the Seven Sections: 140-157

Journal Reflection Prompts for Each of the Seven Sections: 158-174

Part 2 of Unit: Argumentative Essay Unit Based on the Law of Attraction

Argumentative Essay Unit Intro: 175-178

Comprehension Questions for Film Law of Attraction: 179-181

Handout: Law of Attraction Summary of Principles: 182-183

Handout: LOA Argumentative Structure Guide: 184

Exemplar Argumentative Essay for the LOA: 185-189

Argumentative Essay Rubric: 190

70 Daily Lesson Plans: 191-332

Suggested Complementary Novel Resource: 333