Daily Planner 180 Days of Mindfulness: A Guided Journal For Inspired Life Management | Om Journal

Daily Planner 180 Days of Mindfulness: A Guided Journal For Inspired Life Management | Om Journal

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This planner won't change your life. But you can change your life if you use this planner. That's a bold statement, but as a student and teacher of positive psychology for more than 25 years, I'm confident this planner will, quite literally, change your life if you use it faithfully.

Everything you do is a habit, and if your habits aren't serving you, if you're not living to your full potential, if your well-being, your dreams, and your goals continuously take a backseat to your daily to-do list, then it's time to make a change, and this planner was crafted especially for you. Rather than feeling defeated because you know you're not living your best life, just take inspired action and become the victor of your life's story.


Each day, you'll be prompted to record your daily intentions, your daily mantra or affirmations, and your daily self-care practices alongside your schedule and to-do list.

We've all experienced the end-of-the-year guilt that results from not following through with our goals. We begin the year with the best of intentions, making grand promises to ourselves, but somehow our dreams take a backseat to our daily tasks. Avoid that end-of-the year disappointment by using this daily planner to manage and achieve your most important goals alongside your daily to-do lists.

Studies show that on average, 80% of people don't have clear goals; 16% of people have goals, but don't write them down; 3% of people write their goals down but don't revisit them, and only 1% write down their goals and reflect on them daily. That 1% reflects those who actively commit to their success and happiness and THRIVE. The bottom line: Writing things down daily equates to getting things done! This sounds simple, because it is, but its simplicity doesn't negate its power. This gorgeous and inspiring planner has black and white illustrations throughout and will have you feeling motivated to plan each day with mindful attention. It's an invaluable gift to Self and makes a fabulously thoughtful gift for a friend. Commit to your happiness and success. You're writing your life's script--Make it fabulous one!

  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 6 month guided daily planner and mindfulness journal
  • prompted daily to list: intentions, mantra or affirmations, self-care practices, schedule/to-do list, notes
  • 280 pages
  • beautiful Om matte cover
  • ideal gift for yogis, yoga teachers, artists, and those committed to meditation practices
  • planner is offered with multiple cover design choices--click on my author profile to see more options