Daily Planner 180 Days of Mindfulness: A Guided Journal For Inspired Life Management | Butterfly Journal

Daily Planner 180 Days of Mindfulness: A Guided Journal For Inspired Life Management | Butterfly Journal

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You don't need a planner or mindfulness journal to change your life. You need inspiration and guidance to make those changes yourself. Do I think this planner will inspire and guide you to tune into your inner divine compass? Absolutely. I know what it's like to have goals, dreams, and ambitions and to watch disparagingly as they fade into the background of daily responsibilities.

I also know that personal wellness routines are often the first thing we chuck out the window. Who has time for meditation and mantras when we're trying like hell just to make it out the door on time every morning? We're lucky if we have time to butter the toast. But here's the thing, time passes quickly, and before you know it another decade will have passed and where will you be? Will you have accomplished your most important goals? Will you be the healthier version of yourself you've always envisioned? Will you have greater peace of mind and sense of purpose? If you take a passive approach to life, the answers to those questions will likely not be ideal. But if you take a proactive approach now and prioritize YOU, you'll barely recognize yourself when looking back a few short months from now.

What you do on a DAILY basis will determine the quality of your life on a much grander scale. You don't need to pay a guru thousands of dollars for his or her insight. That divine inner compass of yours will guide you if you simply take the time to acknowledge its existence.

I created this journal because I couldn't find anything like it on the market..I wanted a single place to organize my daily to-dos, to set my most sacred intentions, to plan my mindfulness practices, and to record and track my most important short and long-term goals. I crafted this daily planner and mindfulness journal with a deep sense of reverence for the changes I knew it would bring about. My hope is for this book to serve as a catalyst for change for others of a like mind. If you want to feel organized, peaceful, successful, healthy, hopeful, and inspired to create lasting change, this journal was designed for you.

Within these pages you'll be prompted to record your daily intentions, your daily mantra or affirmations, and your daily self-care practices alongside your schedule and to-do list. We've all experienced the end-of-the-year guilt that results from not following through with our goals. We begin the year with the best of intentions, making grand promises to ourselves, but somehow our dreams take a backseat to our daily tasks.

Avoid that end-of-the year disappointment by using this daily planner to manage and achieve your most important goals alongside your daily to-do lists. Studies show that on average, 80% of people don't have clear goals; 16% of people have goals, but don't write them down; 3% of people write their goals down but don't revisit them, and only 1% write down their goals and reflect on them daily. That 1% reflects those who actively commit to their success and happiness and THRIVE.

The bottom line: Writing things down daily equates to getting things done! This sounds simple, because it is, but its simplicity doesn't negate its power. This gorgeous and inspiring planner has black and white illustrations throughout and will have you feeling motivated to plan each day with mindful attention. It's an invaluable gift to Self and makes a fabulously thoughtful gift for a friend. Commit to your happiness and success. You're writing your life's script--Make it fabulous one!

  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 6 month guided daily planner and mindfulness journal
  • prompted daily to list: intentions, mantra or affirmations, self-care practices, schedule/to-do list, notes
  • 280 pages
  • beautiful matte cover with butterfly
  • ideal gift for yogis, yoga teachers, artists, and visionaries
  • This planner is offered with various cover designs--Visit author profile for more cover options